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The development of the solar business contributed to environmental improvement of the earth greatly, and the development of the IT technology with the mobile phone and the computer realized the dream of many people again. Silicon bank Co.,Ltd. continues revolutionizing it in deference to posture to challenge new possibility as a company. A change is to create new value in management environment, persons, distribution, a technically outside environmental change and We use small resources in a maximum for the realization, and We continue show ing posture to make an effort of 100% in the possibility of 1%.


Company Name Silicon Bank Co.,Ltd.
Silicon Bank Intrnational Commerce Co.,Ltd.
Established date August, 1, 2008
Capital JPY10,000,000
Board of directors CEO Kazumasa Nahata
Business Contents Semiconductor and solar related business
Trading Area Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, America, Germany, India etc.
Address Tobu Ginza No.2 Bldg.8F, 6-13-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Tel:+81-3-6260-6932   Fax:+81-3-6260-6933

Group cmpanies

Northwind GK Wind power development business Hokkaido Kaminokuni 1st Electricity Farm
Hokkaido Kaminokuni 2nd Electricity Farm
Hokkaido Kaminokuni 3rd Electricity Farm
Eco Wind Farm GK Wind power development business Hokkaido Ishikari No. 1 Electric Power Farm
Hokkaido Ishikari No. 2 Electric Power Farm
SB Wind GK Wind power development business Hokkaido Kaminokuni 1st Power Farm
Hokkaido Kaminokuni 2nd Power Farm
Hokkaido Kaminokuni 3rd Power Farm
Hokkaido Kaminokuni 4th Power Farm
Hokkaido Kaminokuni 5th Power Farm
Sowanier Corporation Co., Ltd. Food and beverage consulting business
Monobeta Co., Ltd. Food service business
Maison Luxe Co., Ltd. Industrial product development business