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Privacy Policy

Policy for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data

We, Silicon Bank Co., Ltd. recognize that the protection of personal data is a social duty.

We set a policy for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data to treat personal data safely and properly. Also, we, all executives and staffs, do our best to keep this policy and protect personal data.Since foundation in 2008, we have always thought that our top-priority is trust and confidence from our customers.

1.Collecting, Using, Providing personal information.

In case of collecting, using, providing personal information, we treat it as strictly as possible.We just treat personal information strictly within the limits of the contract. And, we don't re-treat it over the permission given from customers.

2.Safety policy of personal information

We take proper measures to prevent personal information from illegal accessing, leaking, losing, destroying and revising data, and manage personal information safely.

3.Observe the rules and regulations

We observe the applied rules and regulations to treat personal information.

4. Definition of Compliance program and continuous improvement.

We set a compliance program( It is a system to protect personal information that includes principles, structures, policies, plans, procedures, manuals and records, which arerelated to personal information.). We let the executives and staffs know this program thoroughly. We do our best to improve the security inspection continuously.

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